Arizona serenade at Fort Worth Stockyards

  • A Texas longhorn.

Before leaving Fort Worth, we stopped at the historic stockyards, where we got up close and personal with some Texas longhorns and learned a little about the area’s past.

Fort Worth was the last stop on the Chisholm Trail before cowboys took their herds across the Red River into territory controlled by Native Americans. They would party, rest up and resupply here.

Later, when the railroad arrived, Fort Worth became a major shipping center and, eventually, Armour and Swift built packaging plants.

Although the holding pens are mostly gone, some of the buildings have been preserved. We visited the museum, where one of the gracious volunteers, Miss Devon, learning we were from Arizona, serenaded us with a song she wrote about Texas Canyon in our home state. It was amazing. To see the video, go to our Facebook page.


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    Adesola Ayo-Aderele (Nigerian Knight Fellow) April 21, 2023

    This article provoked my interest in the animals and I found that Texas Longhorns will breed and calve well into their teen years with some continuing into their twenties.

    Their longevity results in more live calves over the years and means more dollars in the producer’s pocket.

    It also means that fewer replacement heifers need to be retained for the herd.

    Plus, they live for between 20-25 years. Such a lifespan!

    Well done, guys!

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      Judy Nichols April 21, 2023

      Very interesting. You learned more than we did about longhorns! Thanks for sharing.

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