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Fun in Grand Mesa National Forest, western Colorado’s land of lakes and magnificent overlooks

  • The view from our campground spot on Cabbott Lake.

By Tom Nichols

I never heard any of my outdoor-loving friends in Arizona mention Grand Mesa National Forest. There are so many wonderfully eroded canyons and expansive mesas in Utah and Arizona, so many famous peaks and alpine parks in Colorado’s Front Range, it’s little wonder that Grand Mesa National Forest, the nation’s biggest tabletop mountain, is never mentioned.

Summer freedom: Warning lights and a stunning Colorado road

  • A tin-roofed barn nestled in a valley along Colorado 145.

By Tom Nichols

There’s nothing more liberating than returning to The Epic Van and setting course for Glacier National Park, the next leg of our Year Four adventure. I feel like a first-grader on the first day of summer vacation.

On the road: Bailing hay

  • Tyrel Reed, of Reed Farms, chats during a pause of working his hay fields near Lamar, Colorado.

In a hot hay field about 10 miles west of Lamar, Colorado, in the southeast corner of the state, Tyrel Reed, 28, was baling hay. Fast.